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Does Keranique Work For Hair Regrowth?

beth holloway

Reviewed by Beth Holloway, RN

Written by Rachel Sacks

Published 12/28/2021

Updated 09/18/2023

Raise your hand if you want not only stronger hair but fuller hair too. We imagine quite a few of you have your hands raised right now (metaphorically, of course).

Hair loss in women is more common than you may think. It can result in you reaching for every hair regrowth treatment available, including a brand you may have seen before, Keranique. But not every company is the same, and while there are several variations of the same product, they might not all be of the same standard.

So here’s the real question: Does Keranique work for hair regrowth? Will your strands come back stronger than a ’90s trend (or will you at least have healthier hair)? Is Keranique safe?

Below, we’ll answer these questions and cover everything you need to know about the Keranique hair regrowth system, from potential side effects to safety and other hair loss treatments to consider.

Keranique hair regrowth system products use a 2% concentration of topical minoxidil treatment. Don’t worry — we’ll explain what minoxidil is below.

Keranique offers shampoos, conditioners and other styling products as part of its hair regrowth system, along with a scalp-stimulating shampoo, Keranique volumizing conditioner and Keranique Lift & Repair treatment spray.

Not only can the brand’s products be used on different hair types (including fine hair), but several also provide benefits beyond hair regrowth treatment, such as less breakage, build-up removal and no frizz.

The Keranique hair regrowth system consists of follicle-strengthening and volumizing conditioner and shampoo, a regrowth treatment spray and the Lift & Repair spray to all be used together.

Will you be wasting your money if you buy Keranique hair regrowth treatment for women? And more importantly, is Keranique safe to use?

According to the National Institute of Health, Keranique is good at helping stimulate hair regrowth.

Keranique’s formula can regrow hair and fight hair loss, and the treatment is considered safe and effective when used properly.

So how does Keranique work? That’s thanks to minoxidil, the FDA-approved ingredient in Keranique products.

Here’s the thing — going bald isn’t just for the boys. Though not quite the equality we’re looking for, female pattern baldness (or androgenetic alopecia) can happen in women due to genetics, certain health conditions, hormones and several other factors.

When dealing with any of those factors, your once-healthy hair falls victim to a process called follicular miniaturization — aka your hair follicles shrink, resulting in female pattern hair loss.

What’s a proven hair loss treatment and often the first choice for thinning hair? Minoxidil, a medication thought to prevent future hair loss by extending the growth phase of the hair growth cycle.

Often sold as a topical solution in foam or liquid form in two strengths (2% and 5% dosages), minoxidil is highly effective at encouraging hair growth in women with balding.

One study conducted on men showed that users could achieve up to an 18 percent increase in growth and thickness over 48 weeks — and there’s no evidence to suggest women won’t have similar results.

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Minoxidil is largely considered safe and effective when used as directed, but there are potential side effects of Keranique to look out for:

  • Itchy scalp

  • Dryness

  • Flaking

  • Irritation or burning

Minoxidil can also have interactions with hypertension medications and could cause serious blood pressure problems.

But for the most part, those who’ve used a 5% minoxidil dosage have experienced minimal side effects though — and Keranique only uses a 2% dose.

The Keraniuqe hair regrowth system is just one option when it comes to treating hair loss in women. Sometimes, the best hair loss treatment for women involves combining different tips and treatments until you find the right solution.

Here’s what might help, depending on your unique needs and preferences:

  • Use minoxidil separately. Whether or not you use Keranique, minoxidil is an effective hair loss treatment for women of all ages, with a track record of safety when used properly. You can try liquid minoxidil drops or a minoxidil foam solution applied directly to your scalp. Then there’s oral minoxidil for a less messy treatment.

  • Try finasteride. For men, finasteride is a safe and effective oral medication for hair loss. However, women may experience serious risks of sexual dysfunction and certain cancers, plus potential risks to healthy fetal development during pregnancy. We offer a topical finasteride & minoxidil spray for postmenopausal women.

  • Take hair growth supplements. Numerous hair vitamins and supplements — like biotin, keratin, saw palmetto, iron and vitamin D — can stimulate hair growth and keep your hair healthy. Make sure to eat a balanced diet that provides your body with the nutrients it needs for optimal hair growth. Our biotin gummies also contain folic acid and niacin.

  • Try hair-boosting products. Another solution for thin hair (but not necessarily hair loss) is products that give your locks a boost. This volumizing shampoo and conditioner set not only provides a lift but also extra hair hydration. And you can do away with flat hair with these tips for thicker hair.

  • Check your ingredients. Certain ingredients that might be bad for hair include sulfates, parabens and formaldehyde. Meanwhile, zinc pyrithione, ketoconazole and others can treat conditions that cause hair loss, such as dandruff. Next time you’re out buying shampoo for hair loss, take a few seconds to look at the back of the bottle for sulfate- or paraben-free formulas.

This guide provides even more tips and information on how to stop hair shedding.

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With so many hair loss products out there claiming they’ll grow your hair back in no time, it can be tough to know which ones live up to their claims.

Does Keranique work? Here’s what we know:

  • Balding doesn’t just affect men, with many women experiencing hair loss due to genetics, hormones, stress, health conditions and other factors.

  • Keranique provides a hair regrowth system with hair products including shampoo, conditioner, hair regrowth treatment and volumizing spray.

  • The main ingredient in Keranique hair regrowth products is 2% minoxidil, an FDA-approved and proven treatment for hair loss. Minoxidil works by extending the growth phase of hair, allowing for new hair growth to occur.

  • Any Keranique hair regrowth treatment side effects are most likely due to minoxidil, which can result in itching, burning, irritation or flaking at the scalp.

Check out this guide on Keranique versus Nioxin to keep reading about popular hair regrowth products and how effective they are.

You can also connect with a licensed dermatologist or healthcare provider about hair loss treatments. Or check out our full range of hair care products for women to reach your hair goals.

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