Stronger Hair

Vitamin B12, B6, D & Folic Acid

The gummy – Biotin, biotin, biotin – it’s all the rage and for good reason. Think of this gummy as your baseline necessity to help strengthen your hair. Cue hair flip.

  • What is this good for?

    Brittle, shedding, overly processed hair as well as thin, peeling nails. If you notice you consistently have split-ends or that your nails break easily, this gummy is for you.

    Excess Shedding


    Stronger Nails

    How does it work?

    Biotin plays a big part in the synthesis of amino acids and is not something our body naturally makes. Biotin supports the production of the amino acid keratin, that protein and building block of our hair that keeps it strong, healthy, and shiny.

    How to use?

    Eat two gummies once a day. Yes they are deliciously cherry flavored, but one a day will do the trick.

    want to learn more?

    Learn more about how this gummy supports your hair, skin, and nails here.