Prescription weight loss that puts you first

Personalized, doctor-trusted treatment plans

GLP-1s and medication kits tailored to your unique needs

Ongoing care and check-ins included, 100% online

Prescription products require an online consultation with a healthcare provider who will determine if a prescription is appropriate.

Prescription ingredients
for personalized care

Get access to treatment options like custom medication kits and GLP-1s, if a provider determines they’re right for you.

A mind-body balance

These personalized plans are based on your lifestyle, eating pattern, health history, and weight loss goals.

Hers can help

Break the cycle

Instead of treating the surface level ups and downs of weight loss, our plans go deeper to address the underlying factors affecting you.

Feel like yourself

Get your confidence back with treatment that’s made for you and made to help you feel like you.

Live your life

Say yes with no stress and keep up with your kids, friends, and family.

Improve your health

If you’re at risk for certain medical conditions or concerns, healthy weight loss can help.

Why women choose Hers

Frequently asked questions

How it works

Medical intake

Answer some questions about your health history, lifestyle, and goals, 100% online.

Provider evaluation

A medical professional will review your intake and determine what’s right for you.

Personalized plan

If prescribed, you’ll get a customized holistic plan designed to work for you.

Ongoing support

Get unlimited online access to follow-ups, adjustments, and answers to questions.