Glide Aloe VeraLubricant


Smooth lube for an intimate sensation


pH balanced to support vaginal health


Safe for use on bodies, toys, and condoms*

Get ready to make some smooth moves. Our premium aloe-based lubricant enhances sex with next-level hydration. It’s safe for use on your body (or your partner’s), condoms*, and toys. So have fun letting your imagination run wild.

  • Glide Aloe Vera Lubricant


    * Lubricant should not be used with polyurethane condoms.

    Enhance your sex life with an enhanced lube


    A gentle touch

    Fragrance- and paraben-free, the lubricant is also pH balanced to support a woman’s vaginal health.


    Ready to go

    Our lubricant is safe for all your fun parts. Rub it on bodies, condoms (just not polyurethane ones), and toys.


    Made with the good stuff

    Made with a majority of natural and organic ingredients, this lubricant is formulated with green tea extract and hemp seed.

    With lube, the little things make a big difference

    Natural, human feel

    Our lubricant feels like an extension of actual people, not a goopy slip and slide.

    Leave stickiness behind

    Specially formulated, this lubricant leaves no sticky residue so you barely notice it’s there.

    Simple to clean up

    A quick rinse is all it takes to clean off this lubricant.

    We’re sensitive to your sensitive parts

    The mood should be “oooh” not “ouch.” But there can be some funky ingredients in other formulas. That’s why we took extra care to make this personal lubricant fragrance- and paraben-free, pH balanced for vaginal health, and ultra hydrating.

    If you’re into it, this lubricant is into it

    This premium lubricant is formulated to be safe for all kinds of sex. Use it on bodies, sex toys like vibrators, and condoms (except for polyurethane ones). It works with vaginal and anal intercourse as well as self love.

    Made with a majority of natural ingredients


    Aloe vera

    Our lubricant is made with aloe vera for a smooth feel that is gentle on your skin.


    Green tea extract

    It’s a concentrated form of green tea that acts as an antioxidant.


    Hemp seed

    This plant-based nutrient helps up the natural texture of this lubricant.

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    Not all sex products are created equal. We’ve spent years helping couples (and individuals) make the most of their sexual activity with products designed to enhance every aspect of the experience. We set the bar pretty high because, well, we think great sex is worth it.

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