Multi-screen Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50+


This more-than-sunscreen protects skin from UV rays and blue light from devices. Made with 100% non-nano zinc oxide, squalane, and glycerin, its lightweight SPF 50+ formula is perfect for everyday use.

Meet Multi-screen

  • Blocks 98% of UV rays, plus blue light from screens

  • Works instantly—no waiting for it to absorb before heading out

  • Lightweight and moisturizing daily sunscreen—a must have for every routine, especially if using Rx

  • Reef safe, cruelty free, vegan, and paraben free

How it works

  • Zinc oxide creates an invisible layer of protection between your skin and harmful light

  • Squalane and glycerin moisturize skin to keep it strong

  • Allantoin and bisabolol soothe and calm sensitive skin


Apply in the morning, after moisturizing your skin. Reapply every two hours for continued protection against sun and blue light.


Zinc oxide 12% (sunscreen), squalane, glycerin, bisabolol, jojoba esters, allantoin

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Multi-screen Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50+

Protect skin every day,
indoors and out

Dermatologists consider 100% mineral zinc oxide to be among the best sunscreen ingredients because it instantly provides broad spectrum protection. Plus, our formula is reef safe (better for the fishes).

UVA/UVB protection

UV rays can prematurely age skin, cause sunburn, and increase the risk of skin cancer. Multi-screen can protect your skin against them when used as directed with other sun protection measures.

Block blue light

Zinc oxide also shields skin from blue light. While your phone won’t give you a tan, emerging evidence shows that blue light from screens can contribute to premature aging, pigmentation, redness, and inflammation.

Why dermatologists recommend this sunscreen

Non-nano zinc oxide

The non-nano formula stays on the surface of skin to form a protective barrier that deflects UVA, UVB and blue light rather than absorbing it the way chemical sunscreens do.


Moisturized skin is strong skin, so we added squalane to ensure you’re not only protected from harmful light, but also dryness and irritation—making it great for all skin types.


With allantoin inside, Multi-screen soothes and calms sensitive skin, making it the perfect partner to acne or anti-aging treatments.

Real results, really clear skin

Real results,
really clear skin

@mileycyrus x Hers Rx Acne Skin

@jennifervolcy x Hers Acne Rx Skin

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@shannhitch x Hers Anti-Aging Rx Skin

Individual results will vary. Customers were given free product.

Individual results will vary.
Customers were given free product.

The most important step of your routine

Directions: After applying all other products, pump once to dispense the perfect amount of Multi-screen and apply to your face and neck. Avoid white cast by massaging into skin for complete absorption.

Daytime Application

Step 1: Clear Waters Hydrating Cleanser
Step 2: Toner, serum
Step 3: Hydrobounce Instant Moisturizer
Step 4: Effortless Glow Face Oil
Step 5: Multi-screen Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50+

Make SPF your BFF

Use every day

Yes, apply this face sunscreen every day, even indoors or when it’s cloudy

Indoors and out

Keep that blue light from damaging skin

Don’t fry, reapply

Apply at the end of your morning skincare routine, then every 2 hours in the sun

Take your skincare to the next level

Whether you’re targeting acne, fighting dark spots, or hoping to reduce wrinkles, our customized prescription cream can help. It’s prescribed by a medical provider who can formulate to your needs, 100% online. Beautiful.

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Go all in for your skin

Multi-screen can be paired with a topical prescription cream or our other derm-loved products for great results.

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