two jars of the detox scalp scrub

DetoxScalp Scrub


Exfoliates to clear buildup, and moisturizes scalp at the same time


Botanical garden scent


Clean care: no parabens, phthalates, or sulfates

If you’ve ever wondered how Jennifer Lopez cares for her scalp, you’re about to find out—because we developed this exfoliating sugar scalp scrub with JLo herself. Now you can experience how she refreshes and moisturizes her scalp in your very own shower.

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    Detox Scalp Scrub


    The scalp scrub that works as great as it smells

    We may not be able to go to the hair salon as much these days, but we can still get pro results from home. This refreshing scalp scrub is designed to not only be super effective, but act as an incredible olfactory experience—all in one classy little jar.

    What is a scalp scrub? A JLo best-kept secret.

    Jennifer Lopez has put her hair through the ringer for decades—from photoshoots to movies to shows to red-carpet events. That’s why we developed this hair mask with JLo: so you can bring her best-kept hair secrets into your own shower, and experience for yourself how she keeps her scalp healthy and free of buildup.

    The exfoliating scalp scrub that cracks down on buildup

    Without exfoliation, product, oil and dead skin can build up on your scalp, which can affect how your hair looks. That’s where salicylic acid and sugar granules come in: they exfoliate your scalp and effectively break down the buildup. As for the sugar granules: sugar is a natural, non-damaging exfoliant that easily dissolves, so it’ll wash right out with all that buildup.

    First it scrubs, then it moisturizes

    Not only does this scrub help you remove dead skin and oil, but it moisturizes at the same time. How? It’s powered by aloe vera, which helps soothe your scalp as it’s being exfoliated.

    Scrub and smell the peonies

    An intricate floral scent with notes of rose and honey
    Fresh-cut flowers
    The scent of vibrant, herbaceous greenery
    The scent of resting under the shade of a pergola

    Great results require great ingredients

    How to use this hair scrub

    Scoop out a dollop of the scrub, massage into your scalp, and rinse it out
    For quick use, use the scalp scrub in place of your shampoo, and condition as normal
    For a more luxurious experience, start with the hair scrub, then shampoo, condition, and finish with the Rapid Repair Hair Mask

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