Skip the trip to an in-person dermatologist

“I felt like I tried every single product on earth! I went online and I had access to a real health care provider and it did work!”

- Angela, 30

“I’m beyond pleased with the results; no cystic hormonal breakouts, the evenness to my complexion, and overall glow!”

- Courtney, 28

“The biggest positive thing about hers is that you can do a consultation online and the first one is free.”

- Erika, 30

“I feel like a new and improved version of myself!”

- Amy, 28

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What do the custom acne products Hers offers treat?




Inflammatory Acne

Fungal Acne

Dark Spots

Skin Texture

What you can get

Comprehensive, quality adult acne care

A customized formula
The Fingerprint Formula Method involves specially selected ingredients, tailored to specific acne issues
Expert medical care
Quality medical professionals will help choose your formula, if appropriate—and are available for as many follow-ups as you need
The Clear Skin System
Our three-part routine arms you with everything you need to help maximize results and minimize irritation and dryness

Meet the team of products in the
Clear Skin System

This system covers all the bases of a skincare routine—from prescription-strength medicine, if appropriate, to our hydrating cleanser and lightweight moisturizer.

Customized Rx Acne Cream
  • A custom blend from five different ingredients, this prescription cream targets specific acne
  • Made to target specific skin goals
Prescription strength
Deep Sea Cleanser
  • A gentle, lightweight, hydrating cleanser perfect for acne-prone skin.
  • Gentle yet deep cleansing
Suitable for acne-prone skin
Tidal Wave Moisturizer
  • A super hydrating, non-irritating, non-clogging moisturizer perfect for acne-prone skin.
  • Made with hyaluronic acid and squalane
Super hydrating

Prescription products require an online consultation with a medical professional who will determine if a prescription is appropriate. See product page for important safety information.

A comprehensive routine

The Clear Skin System for stubborn acne

Everything you need to help get maximum results and minimum irritation and dryness.
Step 1: The Deep Sea Cleanser
Gently lifts dirt and oil to prep the skin for prescription treatment—and hydrates at the same time
Step 2: Custom Acne Face Cream
Tailored to treat specific types of acne with a customized blend of powerhouse ingredients
Step 3: Tidal Wave Moisturizer
Locks in moisture with hyaluronic acid—which can hold 1,000 times its weight in water—without clogging pores

The story of a customized acne cream

Chapter 1

Answer some questions about your specific skin issues

Chapter 2

Consult online with provider, who will evaluate your answers and can prescribe a customized formula, if appropriate

Chapter 3

The formulas are blended in small batches

Chapter 4

If prescribed, we’ll ship your formula directly to your door for free.

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