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a seamless experience with an online psychiatry provider.


Online psychiatric evaluation

Virtually visit an online psychiatrist or other qualified psychiatry provider, who will evaluate you and assess whether medication is appropriate


Medication management and follow-up visits

A few weeks after your first appointment, you’ll have your first follow-up to evaluate whether your treatment plan is working—all on your smartphone


Discreet shipping to your door

If prescribed, your medication will be shipped to your door in low-key packaging

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Frequently asked questions about Citalopram

how quickly does Citalopram work?
Citalopram was shown to be effective as a treatment for depression in clinical trials lasting 4-6 weeks. Consult with your healthcare provider if you do not think your condition is getting better. Do not stop taking your medication without talking to your health care provider.
how long do Citalopram withdrawal symptoms last?
Citalopram has a half life of 36 hours, which means that after about a day and a half, the concentration of the drug in the body will be reduced by half. It is thought that withdrawal symptoms typically start when 90% of more of the drug is out of the body, which for Citalopram occurs around 7 days after the last dose. It is important to consult with a provider before stopping Citalopram, since withdrawal symptoms can be serious.
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