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Beth Holloway RN M.Ed

Beth Holloway RN M.Ed

Clinical Content Lead, Hims & Hers

MA, Nursing

Beth Holloway is a Master’s-educated registered nurse. The early years of her practice focused on family practice care delivery, college-level instruction, patient education program development, and healthcare provider training.

Her career led her to focus on the use of technology in healthcare, developing clinical content for electronic health records (EMRs), web-based organizations and smartphone-based apps.

Beth researches and writes content that is evidence-based, accurate and appropriate to the audience. She continues to be passionate about content, striving for best-in-industry outcomes. 

Beth started her work in Ohio and has also practiced in several other states (Virginia, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina). She holds degrees in nursing and public health from Youngstown State University and in education from Kent State University.  Find her LinkedIn profile.

Published: September 14, 2023