7 Types of Orgasms (And How to Get Them)

    Yes, you read that right. Your body can experience seven distinct kinds of orgasms (And some argue even more, but I'm just covering the most common ones here). 

    Each one offers unique sensations and all are worth striving for. Keep reading to discover what they are and—more importantly—how to achieve them.

    Common Types of Orgasms


    What it is: When people think “female orgasm”, they usually mean a clitoral one. It happens thanks to that fantastic part of your body devoted solely to your thigh-shaking pleasure: The clitoris. Many women find it’s the easiest orgasm for them to achieve.

    What you need: Consistent stimulation for a period of time. You can’t give it a few strokes and call it good—it’s a time investment here. 

    Some women find a tongue makes it faster or better, while others prefer a finger or a penis rubbing on it. You can also try out a number of techniques to see what works best for you, such as circles, tapping, up and down, tugging and rolling.

    What you should know: Every clit is unique in terms of the pressures and sensations that drive it wild. Get to know yours well in solo play. Then you’ll be able to either guide your partner or touch yourself during sex with ease. 

    Clits can also be quite finicky. The slightest bit of too much pressure or taking too long of a break between strokes can stop an orgasm in its tracks. It can also get overstimulated easily. Listen to your clit and don’t try to force an orgasm. Sometimes all it needs is a breather before it can bang an orgasm out.


    What it is: There’s a bit of controversy here. Some believe the G-spot is a unique thing, while others say it’s connected to the clitoris. Either way, it does give a unique orgasm so I’ll treat it as something separate. Your G-spot is about one to two inches inside your front wall. Stimulating this just right will unleash a G-spot orgasm.

    What you need: Direct stimulation of the spot. It takes some pressure (more so than you would use on your clit). Different sex positions can increase your chances (such as doggy, missionary with your ankles on his shoulders, woman on top). If you’re going manual, experiment with different stroke styles to see what works best.

    What you should know: A G-spot orgasm may also bring the “I need to pee now” feeling. It’s rare that you will actually urinate in the moment, so rest easy. But to ease your mind, you can always head to the bathroom before sex to ensure an empty bladder.

    Nipple Orgasm

    What it is: I discovered this one while I was barred from sex due to a yeast infection. My partner offered to give me a boob massage to help satiate my high sex drive. Soon I was shocked and squirming whispering out “I...I think I’m coming!”

    What you need: This one can take a while, but it’s fun knowing you can come from boob play. You need the stimulation of the nipple (and it doesn’t hurt to play with your vagina and/or clit beforehand). 

    Your partner can use his hands (definitely throw on some massage oil), his mouth or both. Treat the nipple like you would a clit—don’t go directly for it, but rather make sure it’s warmed up first before you apply direct pressure.

    What you should know: Fun fact: Nipple sensations stimulate the same part of the brain that genital ones do.


    What it is: Before I had my first anal orgasm, I was skeptical that it existed. Isn’t that just something men say to try to convince you to try? But I can attest that it is its own sensation (that pairs well with a simultaneous clitoral orgasm if you can get it).

    What you need: Stimulation of the many nerve endings in the anus. It helps if you throw in some vaginal and clit play as well. For example, my partner goes down on me first and then touches my clit during anal sex.

    What you should know: Start slow! It’s important that you approach this carefully to avoid pain or injury. If you want anal sex, begin with gentle finger stimulation and work your way up. Make sure you are relaxed and use plenty of lube.


    What it is: You thought one orgasm was powerful. Get ready for the blended orgasm, which is multiple of them at once! The most common combination is a clitoral and G-spot orgasm.

    What you need: Direct, steady stimulation of both areas at the same time. You may come faster from clit than G-spot (or visa versa). Use that knowledge to time this orgasm. For example, build up the slower orgasm area first before starting to play with the other area.

    What you should know: This one is harder to achieve logistically. If you start a session with the purpose of conquering it, you may be putting undue pressure on yourself that ends up making it impossible to achieve. In other words, you may get into your own head which makes it harder to come. Instead, focus on enjoying it when it happens.

    Multiple Orgasms

    What it is: This is a state of bliss that happens when you come...and then come again...and then come again. These tend to be short, smaller bursts with a few seconds in between each one. There’s a full end to one before the next starts. Some women find each orgasm is weaker than the one before, while others experience the opposite.

    What you need: You need all the normal consistent stimulation to get the first orgasm. Then you can either take a very brief pause before going back at it or just keep going. Different bodies respond differently. Some clits, for example, need a breather in between each orgasm.

    What you should know: Some clits get too sensitive after too much stimulation. When that happens, it’s best to not keep going. Know your body and know when to cut off the orgasms.

    Fantasy Orgasm

    What it is: This happens by engaging a different organ: Your brain. Some people call it “coming with their mind”. It’s a great way to release sexual tension or stress with or without a partner.

    What you need: This one is often the hardest to achieve, especially if you are doing it without any touching. You must be incredibly turned on and focused. Tap into your deepest sexual desires and focus on it, whether it be a fantasy or reliving of a great memory. Keep your breathing deep and steady (though it should speed up as you get more turned on). 

    It’ll be easier if you engage in some manual stimulation or tightening and releasing of your pelvic muscles. It takes practice, much like meditation does, but in time you’ll get there. Granted, these tend to be pretty small on the orgasmic scale, but it’s empowering to know you can get yourself there purely by thinking.

    If you keep a sex bucket list, throw each type of orgasm on there and see what each unique experience does for you!

    This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information contained herein is not a substitute for and should never be relied upon for professional medical advice. Always talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of any treatment.