The Anti-Aging Formula

Prescription tretinoin

Help smooth fine lines

Smooth like butter – the truth is, we aren’t trying to look 18 again (I’m okay not being carded, thanks) but looking like we sleep 7+ hours and drink 80 glasses of water everyday would be nice. Prescription, high strength retinoid face cream is here to help smooth the appearance of fine lines, without keeping our face stuck in one expression.

* Prescription products are subject to doctor approval and require an online consultation with a physician after checkout who will determine if a prescription is appropriate

* Do not use this medication if you are allergic to tretinoin or niacinamide. Common side effects of the Anti-Aging Formulation which often go away with time and daily use include: itching,


What is this good for?

Fine lines, uneven skin texture, and a dull complexion. Tretinoin is a prescription product that helps smooth your skin and give it a collagen boost.

Help smooth fine lines

Uneven skin texture

Dark spots

How does it work?

Tretinoin is an active ingredient that can help turnover our skin cells and boost collagen production. Now we can have that smoother, tighter, more I slept all night look.

How to use?

Because this is a prescription strength cream, our skin has to grow accustomed to this treatment. Use a pea-sized amount of tretinoin 2-3 nights a week at the beginning so to build tolerance and increase as needed.

Want to learn more?

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