Deep Sea Cleanserfor Acne


Hydrating facial cleanser


Gentle on acne-prone skin


Part of our Clear Skin System

The idea of having hydrated skin while treating adult acne or blemishes might feel just a bit far-fetched. But the truth is, it’s possible—all you need is a gentle cleanser that won’t strip your skin of oils or block your pores. We call it the Deep Sea Cleanser. Made with red seaweed extract and rosehip seed, it’s gentle on acne-prone skin without sacrificing the hydration your skin needs.

Deep Sea Cleanser for Acne


* Offered as part of personalized skincare routine.

What’s great about this cleanser

Hydrating ingredients

Red seaweed extract and rosehip seed make skin appear more hydrated while gently clearing excess oil, dirt, and impurities

Double duty for acne-prone skin

Cleanses and hydrates at the same time

Part of your Hers routine

Fits into an acne-fighting Hers skincare routine, which includes prescription tretinoin

Made with trusted, hydrating ingredients


What it is
A gentle, foaming gel cleanser that leaves skin feeling fresh—while packing a hydrating punch


Red seaweed extract
Helps minimize water loss, and create a protective shield against environmental stressors


Rosehip seed
A natural way to hydrate your skin and leave it feeling smooth and soft

An all-in-one routine

The Clear Skin System for stubborn acne

Everything you need to help maximize results and minimize irritation and dryness
Step 1: The Deep Sea Cleanser
Gently lifts dirt and oil to prep your skin for prescription treatment—and hydrates at the same time
Step 2: Custom Acne Face Cream
Fights acne forming bacteria, clears unhealthy skin cells, and fights inflammation
Step 3: Tidal Wave Moisturizer
Locks in moisture with hyaluronic acid—which can hold 1,000 times its weight in water—without clogging pores

Amazing things happen when you go all in with Hers


Healed jawline acne


Reduced inflammation

AMY, 28

Lightened dark spots


Improved texture

Round out your routine with these products


Customizable Acne Face Cream

A bespoke, prescription evening cream offered at three different strengths to help control your acne and renew your skin’s surface to prevent future breakouts.

Prescription Strength

Tidal Wave Moisturizer

A super hydrating, non-irritating, non-clogging moisturizer perfect for acne-prone skin.

Made with hyaluronic acid and squalane

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