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Customized Rx Acne Cream


Stops acne in its tracks


Prevents future breakouts


Custom to your skin

When you’ve tried everything on your stubborn acne, it’s time to explore a personalized prescription. Tailored to treat specific acne needs, this cream is made of a customized blend of up to five powerhouse ingredients: tretinoin, clindamycin, azelaic acid, zinc pyrithione, and niacinamide.

* Prescription products require an online consultation with a healthcare provider who will determine if a prescription is appropriate.

* Avoid getting this medication in your eyes, mouth, or in the creases of your nose. Avoid exposure to sunlight or tanning beds. Wear protective clothing and sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher) while


So, you’ve got acne—that doesn’t mean you have to visit the derm’s office

The power of a prescription
Going prescription means effective, clinically-proven ingredients you can’t buy at the store to tackle acne head on
A customized formula
The Fingerprint Formula Method mixes a cream with ingredients specially selected by dermatologists, tailored to specific acne issues
Expert medical care
Quality medical professionals will help choose your formula, if appropriate—and are available for as many follow-ups as you need

Trusted acne ingredients,
from azelaic acid to zinc

When you get an acne prescription through Hers, amazing things happen

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Tackling acne is easy as 1, 2, 3

Pump it out
Press out a precisely dosed amount of cream
Apply the cream
Spread a pea-sized amount over your face at night as directed by your provider, usually starting with every 2-3 nights, working up to nightly over time
Order matters
Use the prescription acne cream after cleansing, then follow it with a moisturizer afterward as needed

A comprehensive routine

The Clear Skin System for stubborn acne

Everything you need to help get maximum results and minimum irritation and dryness.
Step 1: The Deep Sea Cleanser
Gently lifts dirt and oil to prep the skin for prescription treatment—and hydrates at the same time
Step 2: Custom Acne Face Cream
Tailored to treat specific types of acne with a customized blend of powerhouse ingredients
Step 3: Tidal Wave Moisturizer
Locks in moisture with hyaluronic acid—which can hold 1,000 times its weight in water—without clogging pores

Side effects and what to expect with our acne cream

Time to results

The purge

Possible side effects

Requesting changes

Meet the team of products in the Clear Skin System

This system covers all the bases of a skincare routine—from prescription-strength medicine, if appropriate, to our hydrating cleanser and lightweight moisturizer.
Deep Sea Cleanser
  • A gentle, lightweight, hydrating cleanser perfect for acne-prone skin.
  • Gentle yet deep cleansing
Suitable for acne-prone skin
Tidal Wave Moisturizer
  • A super hydrating, non-irritating, non-clogging moisturizer perfect for acne-prone skin.
  • Made with hyaluronic acid and squalane
Super hydrating

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